TIËSTO 中国巡迴演出




TIËSTO 及 LIVE NATION ELECTRONIC ASIA 正式宣布将会在今年的10月为 TIËSTO 即将发行的专辑「CLUBLIFE VOL. 5」在中国进行一连串的巡迴演出。首站将会率先抵达上海为巡演揭幕,接下来并会跨越全国共8个城市,包括有上海、深圳、重庆、佛山、杭州、武汉、无锡及成都。TIËSTO 向大家展示了与中国的亲和力,认为这个巡演可以有效地在国内推动舞蹈音乐文化产业,并赞扬中国是一个富有能量、原创和独创性的国家,而本地 DJ 及支持者也很投入和享受舞蹈音乐,令他的 CLUBLIFE 中国巡演之旅能够完美地融入这个文化之中,同时把全球各地的舞蹈音乐爱好者聚集在一起,分享这份喜悦。


10月13日 - 上海 FUSION

10月14日 - 深圳 FACE

10月15日 - 重庆 SPACE PLUS

10月16日 - 佛山 GRAMMY

10月18日 - 杭州 SOS

10月19日 - 武汉 CLUB MUSE

10月20日 - 无锡 DR. OSCAR

10月21日 - 长沙 MONKEY MUSEUM


拥有超过20年的卓越职业及成就,TIËSTO 绝对是世界上最顶尖的舞蹈音乐艺人之一。凭着他所参与过的现场表演活动及出色的混音制作,TIËSTO 更被 MIXMAG 誉为「THE GREATEST DJ OF ALL TIME」,以及被 ROLLING STONE 选为全球的首席 DJ,享誉国际。透过创做了一系列的歷史性时刻,例如首位 DJ 为奥运会揭幕、成为各大型音乐节的首席表演艺人,包括有 COACHELLA、ELECTRIC DAASY CARNIVAL、STEREOSONIC、TOMORROWLAND、ULTRA等等,同时为现今的音乐文化铺平了道路。他在2014年的专辑「A TOWN CALLED PARADISE」内其中一首与 MATTHEW KOMA 合作的曲目「WASTED」于美国成为他首个夺得白金认证的歌曲,同时「RED LIGHTS」也为他取下第一个单曲金奖。2015年2月,TIËSTO 凭着跟 JOHN LEGEND 合作的曲目「ALL OF ME」在格莱美奖中勇夺「BEST REMIXED RECORDING」的殊荣,这是 TIËSTO 的第一个格莱美奖和第二次在格莱美奖中被提名。


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Tiësto will hit the road in support of his forthcoming album CLUBLIFE VOL. 5: CHINA this October, with a tour that kicks off in Shanghai and spans 8 cities across the country, including Shenzhen, Chongqing, Foshan, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Wuxi and Chengdu. The iconic DJ/producer explains his affinity for China and its importance in moving the culture of dance music forward, saying “it felt only natural that the backdrop for the next installment of CLUBLIFE be a country with energy, creativity, and originality. A place where DJs and fans are taking new risks within the genre, helping it evolve as a truly global community and sound."


13 October -  Fusion, Shanghai

14 October - Face, Shenzhen

15 October - Space Plus, Chongqing

16 October - Grammy, Foshan

18 October - SOS, Hangzhou

19 October - Club Muse, Wuhan

20 October - Dr. Oscar, Wuxi

21 October - Changsha



With a remarkable career spanning over 20 years, Tiësto remains one of the top dance music acts in the world. Revered for his live shows as well as for his production and remix work, Tiësto is a globally celebrated DJ that has been named “The Greatest DJ of All Time” by Mixmag and the #1 DJ by Rolling Stone. Through revolutionary moments such as being the first DJ to open the Olympic Games and headlining festivals like Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Stereosonic, Tomorrowland, Ultra and more, he has helped pave the way for today’s modern music landscape. His 2014 album, A Town Called Paradise, yielded Tiësto his first platinum single in the United States with “Wasted” [featuring Matthew Koma] and his first gold single "Red Lights.” In February 2015, Tiësto was awarded a Grammy® in the Best Remixed Recording, Non Classical category for his remix of John Legend’s “All Of Me.” This was Tiësto’s first Grammy® Award and second Grammy® nomination.


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